Wednesday, June 23, 2010

His Collared Shirt

Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me by bwendy3.

As I walk through the door after work I notice
I noticed a collared shirt
It wasn't just any collared shirt
It was his collard shirt.
I pick up the shirt intending to take it to the hamper, but I see this flicker, this flicker of red in the corner of my eye sending me suggestion for me to look twice.
So I take a second look at his shirt and what do I see red lips, red lips that seemed so familiarly unfamiliar to me.
Thinking, deep down inside I've got nothing to hide but these red lips are sending chills down my spine.
Making me think things I've never thought and walk through parts of this house I rarely ever walked before.
Like his man cave and his study, WAIT I know he ain't got no "study buddy".
My mind is spinning so fast I can keep up
What did I hear something
I take a few steps toward the bedroom and my thoughts of his infidelity are all consuming me
Reaching down to the knob
To turn
To Turn
Shit the door
Now my mind is telling me he's got something to hide
So I take the long way around through the closet
I'm trying to make the best of it
Denying my mind the right to be, well right
I walked through the open doorways right into OUR room
Look what I see him staring back at me
Getting lost in those I snap back
Back to the present
Back to right now
Back to this shirt
His Collared Shirt
He sees me holding his shirt with those lips exposed
It's like he knows
As if he is reliving the moment in time on how he received those lips on his shirt
He replies "Remember last night in the taxi where you got all sexy. I couldn't help but to show you those beautiful red lips on my shirt".
I remembered completely
Every thought now fleeting
He grabs a hand full of my ass and makes me remember our freaking
In the cab
On the way home
While the driver watch us engage in foreplay