Monday, November 24, 2008

Crazy Thing Called ...

Sliding down the wall

Feeling my tears fall

Unable to stand up

I'm just ready to give up

I yearn for what's real

Jumping at every chance to feel

No need for drugs

I just want to get bit by that bug

The ever elusive feeling I have resisted

I have tasted a dip

Lust now for a big sip

But it was pulled right from underneath me

Now I am feeling my knees weakening

Wishing to stop these feelings

Pause to breath

Now I can see clearly

Sunday, November 16, 2008

It Was A Dream Possibly

At 19 you're not suppose to find something real

You were the first to make me feel

My heart I was willing to give to you

I was definitely in fear of you

Maybe we met to soon

Now I feel like a buffoon

Standing alone waiting for you

It's funny cause you are true

You like me for me

In return I like you for you

We have this passion that's not contains

But more than lust remains

At 19 we have our lives apart

Hope to one day to have a restart

Maybe I imagined it all for the start

Friday, November 14, 2008

Possible Death of My Last Real Thing

When we kiss it's like magic

I know we ended and it's tragic

When I let my mind wonder

I can see us under the stars

That famous night where we kiss

Also the exact moment I miss

Holding hands

Yet making no plans

We felt the chemistry

Back in High School

Now we have no time

I now ring to a different chime

I like things that most girls don't

Like football, strip clubs, and porn

I guess that's too much for you to handle

Maybe I am too much of a gamble

We are done for now

But maybe it's for good

I'd have hope in a jar if I could

Saturday, November 8, 2008

What's next???

Every man's dream

Is very delicate flower

He dreams about her

Every single hour

She can be anything

But he only wants one

She has never been so wrapped up

Her game is usually on point

She is falling for him

Like the time before

Blind to what everyone else does

Her friends ask "why you going back"

She can't help it he sucks her in

She can smell the game

Spilling through the phone

But she is left speechless by his flattery

The flattery is charming

But never seems to last

She believes they may be meant to be

All her girls are there

Making sure she doesn't break

She is very curious what this may be

Loves the lust too much to resist

Wants more of him

He rejects her

But those feeling remain the same

She realizes he could be different

Maybe he moving on

He has a yo-yo girl he can always bring back

Yo-yo girl is her is you is ...


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Refuse To Wait Forever

The lies and the mistakes of others

I trust whole heartily

Why are they the ones whom betray me

Why can I not move pass it

Have I not fully forgiven them

Is it that I have learned a lesson that I cannot forget

How do I go about forgiving them

Keeping my eyes open for the same test again

Maybe I have not learned my lesson

It seem like complete insanity

I do the same crap over and over and over again.

Everything in my life is new

Except for this same situation I have put my self back into

I wonder what it is for me to learn from this

I thought I found the answer but here it is again

I know my friends want me to let it go but

I just can't is my addiction

This was my addiction

I am done

Dusting my hands and knees off

Walking away in killer heels