Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Let's see . . .

School is GREAT
Right Place Right Time

New Boy from the last post
He's still here
We are going very well
Better than I ever thought after 5 months of knowing each otherKiss me, baby! by frazer4eos.

My girls are doing fine *clears throat*

Ms. Need a Man has several men in her life
Nope not jealous
I believe the you should play the game
BUT not with your own HEART
Guess I'll be there again to watch it crash and burn
This time we'll have a come to Jesus Meeting

Aloha Love by ONE/MILLION.

Ms. Sis
She's having a Blast in college
Taking advantage of being SINGLE
Hope she's truly happy with all her decisions

little sis's by Love the 214.

I've missed two parties that I was suppose to attend
Mandy and Court both turned 21 without me *pout*
I'm sure they had a blast though

Wild Nightlife by Svavar Trausti.

I have to say I'm pretty happy now
I hate that I'm never happy enough to stop looking
Settling down has that 'S' word I don't like to use
I'd rather have what I want than anything at all
He's what I want for now
I know that for sure
IF at any point this turns into what I had you know me
*Slamming the gas petal* *screeching tires*
I'll be out like a candle on a birthday cake

The curve in the middle of the path .... its gone what do you think??? by 1Happysnapper(is trying to catch up ).

Be real happy not just half way

happy happy joy joy - _MG_9548 by sean dreilinger.

P.S. He got married. I'm sure the others will to because I pray for them