Saturday, January 28, 2017


She's  sound
In mind body and spirit 
things come 
things go 
Inner most 
Peace, happiness, wholeness 
To be moved, shaken or shattered

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Three Truths One Lie

I met in public... Two years ago
I saw you and knew I wasn't ready 
I still had HIM in my body 
You took the edge off 
You gave me a since of clarity
A chance to breath new air
You gave me questions and pause 
You made me wonder before, during and after 
You're HIM without all the trappings 
You're HIM the long route
I want you but you don't want me
You want her
And I don't blame you 
The picture I see is blurry but it's in focus to you 
I am what you say you want but 
I am not her 
She isn't ready

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Find you... I see you...

Who are you?
I know who you are 
I know your fears
I know your weakness 
I know your loves 
I know you loses 
Why do you hide yourself for them? 
They do not love you
They only know the the smallest fraction of you. 
You're too afraid to stand up 
You're too afraid to speak
You hide behind anger, strife, and contempt for everything
When in actuality you move with every blowing wind list the dust of the earth
Every shift more painful than the next 
You never truly see where you are
Where you're going?
What re you doing?
You never truly find the joy that is around you
Unless you look at....
Who are you?

Be your own kind of BEAUTIFUL

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Yours Alone

They call
I hear them
Sometimes a low whisper
Sometimes a lions roar 
Sometimes a cricket chirp 
No Peace for you
Push out the present fear
Focusing on future and all her wilds
You choose worry and doubt
I choose trust and faith
The choice is yours
And yours ALONE

Monday, January 16, 2017

Need A Man

I don't need a man to treat me like some delicate flower.
Always afraid he'll break me or hurt me.
I don't need a man to be tough enough to hurt everyone but to scared to apologize.
I need a man who knows respect larger than their own ego.
I don't need a man to be an equal in every way in the same vain as a mirror.
I need a man to stand beside me because that makes us equal. 
I don't need a man to have my back when I am falling or struggling.
I need a man to fight with me in the battle. 
I don't need a man who buries everything deep inside.
I want to be so vulnerable with me that he is not afraid I will break him.

I am your woman meant to be the expression of your love.
I am meant to follow you as you follow me.
We are in this together.
With time we will learn and grow together.
God kind of love.