Tuesday, March 31, 2009

20 Things I know at 20

Hello peeps

Totally been felling like this
Oh my! by brandis78.

So I decided not to post till I felt like this
that gives one a horse laugh. by franzi.loves.photo.

I have been on the worse emotional roller coaster ever

I didn't go through it alone though which is nice

This growing up thing is hard

I think back to the days of this
Cuddle Bunnies by boopsie.daisy.

Things I think I know at 20
  1. Dudes 20-25 can't make up their mind to save their own lives *exception of a few*
  2. I make more money than people with masters
  3. Being able to escape saves my life
  4. If he say this is going the way he planned that mean u (the chick) are the problem
  5. I may never have that close relationship with my mother and I am good with that
  6. Being best friends with dudes is a blast and will forever beKissed By The Boys by Captured Soul Photography
  7. I don't wanna get married
  8. I like a man with a plan not one who is looking at me for one
  9. I am simple and easy to please
  10. I don't play hard to get
  11. I am hard to get
  12. I believe there is no such thing as a soul mate too many single woman for that statistic to work out
  13. I will be at everyone's wedding *Miss 27 Suits and Dresses*
  14. Waiting on someone is a waste unless after he moves onWalking Away by KhalidIbn.
  15. Sex ain't all that all the time
  16. Going to a strip club is way better than going to a lounge or dance club about 80% of the timeOctopus at Twin Peeks by dreadfuldan
  17. People in college may never grow up
  18. You can't cheat if you were never together
  19. Being pigeon footed is not a problem that I can fixDoppleganger by D. Anne.
I am pretty sure about these thing at 20 as I can be but their is room for growth so we will see what this next year will bring

P.S. I feel bad for women name Keisha they get brutalized in songs all the time damn. Suck for you