Tuesday, January 26, 2016

That Thing You On

You're so wrapped up in this addiction that is another person.
What happens when they leave you because they see who you really are. The girl who compromises everything about herself just to be with someone. 
What happens when the show is over and you can't  perform this dramatic interpretation of yourself? How are you gonna feel about you? Are you gonna notice that you faked it again. 

I thought you weren't that girl that's what you said but it's certainly not what you're doing. You are the epitome of a contradiction here. Yea I know we all are but this isn't just sacrificing this is committing suicide to your true self or maybe this is your true self. The woman who has not backbone,  no goal, all bark no bite, no action just talk.

Is the girl you say you are not attractive? I'm okay with not anyone's fantasy if I get to be at peace with me at night. 

You are everything I despise about women. I see it repeated over and over. You cave until your broken into 1billion piece all the while he's only giving an inch. 

If this is what it takes to be with someone...
Now I don't care...
You're on you're own

Saturday, October 24, 2015


Well guys I'm sick... Best time to get sick is right now. 
Here's an update:
A few weeks ago my boss had a car accident. This accident could have ended her life in just a blink of an eye but instead it broke her neck. As you may be able to guess what some of the results of this are. 
1. My work loaded has more than doubled. 
2. I'm responsible for two building which is about 200 people. 
3. Prioritizing is a bitch 
4. Putting out fires is a horrible way to work

Now it's three weeks later...
Boy I know for a fact I've never taken her for granted. I know she does many things and also realize this job can't be done by one person.... Reasons I was hired. If one man had to do it, it would make you crass. 

As much as I like my job and what I do I think I'd like to work for myself. Now this may sound rash but I've been thinking about this for a while now. I am seriously starting to wonder if I still wanna work for someone or for myself. I also understand that it would me that the consumer would be my boss and I'd be okay with that. Mostly because it'd be for my dream. 

And recently I feel like I'm living in a dream deferred state but that's for another day.