Sunday, October 4, 2015

Pure panic

Well it happened again. I just can't explain it it was just one of those things that it just sat there and I freaked out. And I just freaked out I send the corner of my room and cried. I had a panic attack another one this one really big. It's taken me a couple weeks to talk about it but now I think I'm ready. 

If I had to say one thing tipped me over it was the concert. Albeit an enjoyable time it was the last straw. The people exposure plus the in considerate weather, lol, just set me up for what was coming quicker than expected. 

In light of it I figured somethings out which I feel is most important. 
1. I must write. It doesn't have to be a lot or much about anything but it's got to be done. I think way too hard about the things in front and in the back of mind that if I don't get it off it just builds. Like a fire with kindling. 
2. Take a break. Even if that means getting into my car and driving away for a day or a couple hours I gotta do it. I think best alone with no distractions I can control. 
3. Life is worth living. Eventually you'll be happier and more satisfied than this moment. Moments can make a break you but it's the day that can turn it all around. 
4. Be honest with yourself and others. You can't read minds and neither can they. So just say it. Who knows they may teach you something. 

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