Friday, October 24, 2008

Random Rants, Raves, and Thoughts

Loves to laugh at cruel humor and dirty jokes

Loves to watch football

Can become submerged within my own life

Loves to try new things

Sees life only as it comes

Thinks marriage could be the end of the life I lead

Has never been in love

Lust for more constantly
Fulfills the desires of my heart and mind
Hates being used
Loves to be desired

Fight with my mother regularly

Cares for the world

Only person that I love and loves me back is my father

Cannot believe I have friends

My lil sisters keeps me afloat

Threaten to leave this earth
Slowed most of my destructive (drugs, alcohol, sex) behaviors

Ready to fall for someone but not ready to give up myself

Cares deeply for that one guy but we don't have the time for each other

Simple things please me
Dinner and a movie easy no stress
Lying down and reading
Holding hands while walking
Kissing only no sex

Moves upon impulses

Want to live in the haze I use to have

Spoiled but I am no brat

Affections from another is something I crave

Watch others around me

Not shy just observant

Being held is important

Crying is only allowed in private

Don't like to yell

My life falls apart without me

Controls only myself but barely

My mother tell me anything until the last minute

Wish I could tells others what to do

Wish my mother could get her shit together because when it falls apart it falls on me to hold up

Realizing I am the only adult in this house

I do stupid things to feel

I wish I knew how he felt but I dare not ask

Wish that I could do what I want

He doesn't know it but he makes me happy

I hate that Katy Perry song what about kissing a boy

I hate when people talk about my weight saying, "you should be thick" or "you need to eat" or "do you eat" or "you have a white girl body"
I just want to tell them that this is not a choice it is what it is
If you don't like it stop staring

I am cute but not sexy

A little bit of lazy never hurt anyone

Embracing life

My life in the future is the only thing that is worth living for

Even though my mother is fucking me up

Crazy people talk about me because they have ran out of material

I am weird and confusing

You cannot explain me


Jweezy said...

Feeling your thoughts....

I like your- "He doesn't know it but he makes me happy"

I can relate only a slight change -"He doesn't know it but I want him more than I have ever wanted anyone else"

Nicole said...

wow! you said a lot of things I could relate to.

especially "He doesn't know it but he makes me happy"

"Lust Before Love, Pleasure Before Pain" -- Such a true statement!!!

I'll definitely be back to visit.

Sha Sha said...

I agree with mostly everything your saying. You hit it right on the head

Anonymous said...

I like...............and am in agreement with some of what you said; hope you continue


J. McFly said...

I feel the pain in this text, alot of emotion going on here, continue that good work

"Live, Laugh, Love"

Princess0889 said...

Thank you all for your comments