Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Is it just me ..... Oh yeah Happy New Year

Why if I let you have it you can't just take it and go?
Let me call you for the next time

You don't run the show

It can't be that good
Well maybe hell yeah it's good

I asked other females
They look at me funny (side eye)

My sis said I give guys the Lynn Spin (Girlfriends ref.)

I do nothing special

I have been told but Really?

If we sex first you don't want a relationship
Silly Boys Trick Are For Girls

Sex can be emotionless for me
So I usually do without unless I have a man

Low body count
I tend to go back to what I know instead of trying new

I can wrap my mind around why a man would want be with me if we just sex

This is a recent occurrence I found in men
Just two

These are grown men I dare not deal with boys I would have a damn following if I did that.

What do you think?

Is this just me or does this happen to all girls?

Oh yeah Happy New Year.

Have a great time if you drink don't drive till tomorrow.

I don't get into these winter holidays too cold to be celebrating

If you party tonight get a driver or a cab or take the train


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