Saturday, December 20, 2008

Lover Reincarnated

Have ever met someone that made you feel like you have been together before?
Like the feelings so strong that it makes you wonder "what happened the last time"
Or if there was a last time.

I have read up on most major religions (fascinates me) and a few of the central Asian religions have the theme of reincarnation (awesome but strange phenomenon). If this is taken as true that mean you will on reach nirvana (peace, wholeness, heaven whatever you call it) when you have done right by the few and the many. But what about love where does love fall into this big umbrella of reincarnation. I don't like to read other peoples views on the religions in questions I like to stick to the whole book or scroll that they derived from (fact based person). So I went to the store and bought a few books on love and reincarnation. What I read from those books is that in some past life you can fall deep in love and it could in tragically or it ends because of something simple. Each life you go through you may or may not meet this person but when you do it will be like meeting a long lost love but you will not remember what had occurred before. Strange right this is where the thought of soul mate comes from.

Personal Experience:
I have been running into the same guy now for a year at the club. When we first met it like damn I like him (we'll call him green eyes) although he never said a word to me. My girls and me got to the dance floor and I see him across the room with his boys. Green eyes just could not take his eye off me and it was like a magnet was pulling us together. Eventually he told his boys that he was going to go dance and they followed. It seemed as though he knew everyone but we could not stop watching each other. We finally met up on the floor again this time he spoke. Voice so familiar i was searching in my mind to see it where I heard it before. We talked for about 5mins (the usual hi how are you blah blah blah). Green eyes asked me to dance so I proceed to dance. We dance the whole night and it didn't bother me and it usually does. He bought me a drink and we talked at the bar for a few minutes but it seemed like hours. We exchanged number and other info. I was on my way out we he said "I know this may sound strange but I think we have met". I am think oh boy I sexed that and I forgot. I shake my head no and told him to call.

In the beginning all Green Eyes wanted to do was see me again at the club but I don't go very often so the likelihood of that is low. For about 2 or 3 months I hear nothing from him. I am thinking all that game he was spitin at me that night wow he had me open. My girls and I decided to go to the club for my friend Court's birthday. I am dancing minding my own business celebrating when he touches my hand with the intent to get my attention. I look over and there he is. I am thinking get ready for the gaming to begin. he says hi and we dance. Once again I am incapsulated by him dancing and talking. We discused why he has not called me in a couple of months. He tells that he didn't think I want to see him.

It's been a year now and th connection is stronger than ever I feel like I know him. Like I know the answer to the questions I ask him. His views on family and friends are in sync with mine. We have yet to discover what else is out there for us but we are trying to hangout and do normal things outside the club. I am trying see where it is going because I want to know what it is about him the is so hypnotizing.

Have you ever met a guy that made you feel like you have met before?

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