Friday, January 16, 2009

Why Is It . . .

When I want to be different you not ready

That I am ready to give up but you show up
I guess that's cool
We have only been talking on and off for a YEAR
No Biggie

You ask me to do something that I usually give you
Now I don't want to do it

You think I am going somewhere
When you know I am not
Maybe you are going somewhere with someone new

That I hate when people lie
You ain't gotta lie Craig!

I don't need a man but would like to have one

Some men think their is nothing wrong with them
But you are not prefect
No you are not just crazy

I know I am crazy but know one believes me

You hang the phone up in my face
But you wonder why you have four flats
Karma's a Bitch

Black Men don't watch Grey's Anatomy, CSI, or Law and Order
Is that a chick show?
White men watch it

BET has always sucked and now so does MTV

Hip Hop Is not Dead but Pop Culture is

I am not thick but I am forever getting told my butt is big
Oooo you lying

Always wonder what I would look like at 200lbs

I feel like dancing at my job

So COLD in Georgia
2o freaking degrees
I am walking outside look like an Eskimo
It's like 60 in Miami
I am moving forget GA in the winter

I am pidgin toed or is it footed

Men wanna see me but they don't wanna drive
How else you suppose to get here

Still Driving by onetre502.

That college is fun to me
Maybe cause I don't stay there

Aaliyah will live on
Happy Birthday

Men seem to keep me on their roster
But they have never gotten any

Women keep thing from a ex
Let it go it's over

Why is it I love the Claudia Jordan show
These girl are too funny and they are naturally pretty
Check out their Myspace page Claudia Jordan Show

Why is it you love to hate a man?

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