Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love and Crazy and Sexy

Let us start with Chrihana situation

Stella Artois by shitalicious.
I know I can't be the only one laughing at this
I mean there is no good reason to hit a woman but if a woman get buck like a man you should get handled like one (boxed her up).
She probably got all 'Single Ladies' and 'I Don't Need A Man' on him and he was just fed up.

I think I am going back to dating white men exclusively
Sorry black men but you all gotta start acting right
Could be me though?

How does a man say he wanna be with you but then act like you don't exist?
*raise hand*
He just want the goodies only.
*Snatches plate* My goodies Nicca

Why does popcorn smell like feet but when it burn it just plan ol' stinks.
Is that what burnt feet smell like?

Did you know Lady Gaga is the ish?
If not you know now

Wanna send a special F-you to a special person.
Thanks for the discount

OMG I think I may be a real biatch compared to you others

JK I am nice to everyone

What is the original purpose of the ability to lie?
I personally hate and shy away from doing it.

If I get told I have a big butt one more time I will scream
because I can't find it.
You are a liar (arrrrrggggg)

SO tired of people saying they think I am cute
"Really Me too"

Is being a bitch a part of being crazy?

Cutie pie
I love this man's body. Look delicious.

What is going on in this crazy world?
I need money where is the money at?
In my pocket.
a dollar for a smile!  (1 of 3) by sansanparrots.

Who can up with the idea of Valentine's Day?
It's a gimmick
Don't you show me you love me every day?
Maybe not
But you should

Why are women so separated and divide?
Reasons why I don't hang with them
Love my boys

Boys are like the sea shore
The are beautiful but shallow.

Dazzling by KhayaL.

Naaa I am not crazy
Just like to play fare

This is real love
Black high heels peep-toe by Markusram

I love shoes