Friday, October 15, 2010

Ain't it funny

It's funny how when you break up with someone, whether they are friend, foe, family or lover, you always think about what you would do if you ever saw them again. It may consume you in the beginning but after a while you don't think about it much if at all. But then you see them... and all your ideas fly right out of the window (crazy huh). The thing is in reality there about two reactions a person will have if they see a former (you fill in the blank).

One being the most extreme/unlikely possibility is that you perform some kind of physical or emotional violence upon the person for what they did to you.The upheaval of violence, whether physical or emotional, is still the complete lack of respect you have for them which is second to them.

Two being the most socially acceptable/widely popular no real reaction at all. This lack of reaction doesn't mean you're not cordial to the person especially in a social setting, but you probably wont say anything else unless asked, if at all.

I just think it's funny no matter how long you've gone without seeing this person your reaction to them says a lot no matter which reaction you have to the person.


I know a couple of people have already heard me talk about my reaction weeks ago, but I'm talking about this now because I can finally talk about it

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