Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thinking While Sick

Well I love my life right now
I mean deeply head over heels about life and work
Oh yeah and none other than baby Jesus (you choose your own Jesus)

My bro and sis-in-law are about to have twins
Yep two people barely making it in this world are about to have to more babies
Dumb, dumb, dumb (my opinion)

Love life
I'm not too much worried about it anymore
I think I am trying to get comfortable with me and who I am etc.

My work is awesome
Haute MEN all around
I think they may be married but that ain't gonna stop me from looking
Everyone is cool there too
More Money for the man upstairs and for me
*Hell Yeah*

Friends I guess they are doing fine from what they tell me

My lil sister crazy as ever
Her storyline has been a roller coaster ride
She got on it willingly and signed a wavier with big ass print
But I can't shade her on looking for love but she gotta get out them dang dark corners
*The Freaks Come Out At Night*

My car is in the shop someone who I live with can't drive and hit my parked car
Did I mention she said absolute nothing for a least 6 hours from wince it happen WOWzers
Boy If it had been me ...
Anywho they still can't fix it right so I have a rental car till then

Halloween was a blast
Look up Q100 Big Wicked and you'll see photos from the party it was awesome

Holidays are coming up
So I decided I wanted to go to my cousins house instead of diving the TN (For the win)
I hope it's chill and super lush because I'll be festive on the inside

I don't people who look down on me for not completing school. It's not like they were gonna pay for it, help me support myself while going, or even honest. So to all those people shut your mouth because I'll be great with and without a degree believe or not

P.S. So yeah the ex from last post. As you may have already guessed he reach out. UGH
Is it really that difficult to just keep going through life without a flame brusting up from the ground ever couple of years? If not can people really be honest with themselves and with the other person as to why they care so freak much even after you literally moved on?

If you move/moved on stop reaching back here in the past for something. Make clear what do you want from me. You genuinely could not care less if I burst into flames right now, exited stage left, and was beemed up to baby Jesus all in one fell swoop. Asking me stupid questions like how am I, what have you been up or even how's life don't seem like common courtesy but what it does seem like is fishing....I HATE FISHING LITERALLY AND FIGURATIVELY. It's boring with no certainty and if I want uncertainty I'll keep living because there is enough of it out here that I don't need more. I'd rather been treated like a regular no no...a stranger and received a hello and left it at that. No punctuality, no courtesy, no fishing just a simple hello and if you don't wanna do that you don't have to, Seriously.
You gave her what I wanted all those years for ((yep a bitch is jealous not envious/hating just jealous)). Yep I am only mad at me for wasting much time, making up excuses for you (which weren't necessary), and leaving myself wide freaking open (dumb as hell). You help me put on my big girl pants, so Thank You.

Ok I'm done

So It's No Swear November for me

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