Saturday, March 12, 2011

I just let him walk off....

"With all of my stuff"

I left him do this to me again
This time I knew
This time I could see
This time I didn't hold on as long as I did before
AND for that I am proud
Hurt really bad but none the less proud

He used the L-word this time to pull me in or soften the blow
Not really sure which but neither worked

Right now I feel like an idiot
There will probably no next time for him
Or for any one for that matter

He knows he holds the keys to my emotions, my heart and my love
Guess who gave it to him
Yep ME

After this I will be one coldhearted mother... shut yo mouth
Blood is black and it will move like molasses
If I can find all the pieces

"somebody almost run off wit alla my stuff/ & i waz standin
there/ lookin at myself/ the whole time"

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