Wednesday, July 23, 2014

In too deep

I'm doing it again
Cross country affairs
I can be the least bit vulnerable
While it looks differently
Presentation is everything
Honest yet
My rouge pawn
She's natural
Me too
But she'd never know
I treat hair like an accessory
It's fun
But she'll always judge me
And I'll enjoy her fashions
Never thought dirty women existed
Until now
Stains you refuse to clean are now permanent
Kitchen is a constant hot mess
Dishwasher but dishes still remain on the counter
Maybe I'm OCD...
Nope you're dirty
Thank you
I miss talking to boys with a girl who thinks it's fun too
I shouldn't speak to strangers
What about the hot ones
They don't count
Damn Skippy
I've never felt this good in my body
It keeps me from working out regularly
Because look at these hips and thighs

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