Saturday, October 4, 2014

Obessions Coltrane

Let me tell about Coltrane
No wait
First why was everyone keeping him a secret
You all suck officially
Yea I said it
It's been a month and I've downloaded everything I can find
He's my new unicorn
I think after this I will be able to say we can't go together of you can't respect the His greatness
Too much to ask???
Nah not even close

And let's not forget to mention Alice 
Her music is strange 
Like good strange 
Eventhough honestly I need to feel strange before I turn her on 
She freaks me out a bit 
Mostly because her sound is now 
It sounds so EDM but not 
Any take a listen

Okay maybe not EDM
Yea I lied but the way the instruments some in and out
And how calculated and random they all seem
Meh I love her crazy vibe and John will always be a God

1 comment:

12kyle said...

First time coming thru!!!

I didn't know you had a blog, too. Very nice.

I can't front...Coltrane puts me in a "feel good mood" no matter what. I don't have much of his music but I find what I can on the internet. Nevertheless...this is dope.