Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lust For Princess and Life

SO sooner than later u have to choose

I choose lust
Maybe it chooses me

Why are we afraid of love?
Is it the the fact you may have to sacrifice yourself?

Lust is easy
But not easily quenched

"Fuck the world with a long dick" - Lil Wayne

So in the beginning of a relationship why do you test me?
I may fail
Then you won't look at me the same
Strange ummm

Lust makes you believe you want it
Until you get it
Dio is pointing at the universe. by Jan Coztás

Life looks so good when you are a child
Until they remove the shield and you get hurt
Cry Baby by Jan Tik

Love seems unobtainable
But it seems like it is worth the reach
Until it is put into reverse
Love Hurts Reversed by Sunset Chaser

Love is like that killer heel in the store
But the catch is you can't buy it

Christian Louboutin Dillian Flower Pumps

I'd rather be in lust than love
More rational
More balanced

I have fallen in love before though
With who?
The G1
The LBD (little black dress)
A Guess Bag

I knew I was in love no question about it
I had this face when I got it
mouth watering.... by Mona, Yang, and our baby Ruby

I forgot one thing the SO FAR GONE MIXTAPE
DRAKE - SO FAR GONE by DjSemtex.

Drake has a lust for life
I have a lust for him in my ...

Oops almost let that out
Lust is for me
Love is in the future but I ain't looking for it

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