Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our Last Time

Walking out of the movies with you was like a dream come true. As we walk to the car we talks about the movie. Upon approaching the car we start to talk about us falling asleep together a couple of day ago. We talks about us and what we were going to do. He didn't want to commit to me and I was just tires of playing couple when he wants. He and I enter my car to further the discussion. Once again it makes me emotional and a few tears fall from my face and he wipes them away. He then tells me that he wants see me emotional since usually they are nonexistent.

He strokes my face and we began to kiss intimately. In my mind I have dreamed of this moment for what seems like forever. He eases his hand between my legs feeling the warmth that is being exerts by my lust. He starts by rubbing me slowly through my Vicky’s making my wetness starts to leak through them and on to his hand. I shaking so bad I can't stay still, my leg is twitching and my body is craving for more. He moves my panties out of the way and plunges right into my lust. It quickens my breath as if I am breathless and began feeling my lust throbbing relentlessly in his hand. He keeps plunging his fingers repeatedly like he is reaching for my ecstasy. I regain some consciousness and tell him to stop. My mind and my body are arguing and I realize I can't do this with him. He means too much to just fuck and duck. I know I would become that girl who gets all attaches to a guy that just wants to fuck. It didn't matter to me how long we had know each other but every year flashes before my eyes and makes it real to me that he wants my lust and that is what really comprises him. He pulls out wipes his hand on the napkins I had.

We talk a little after that and a few days after that but when I couldn't get him to return a simple call or texts I realizes he don't want me just it. In June on his birthday I texts him "Happy Birthday this will be the first and last time you will hear that or anything else from me." To which he replies "Thanks". Well as you may imagine I am not over him, but I know he isn’t what I need now. As my one of my besties said “If he really cares for you in the way you think he does he will come back.” I replied to her, “He has come back once not sure if he will come back again.” She just looked at me and said “Well screw him you are great and I promise you will find another better.” UGH I hate female pep talks the are so predictable.

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