Thursday, March 18, 2010

Conversations with HIM: The Pre-nup

I've heard this discussion on the radio about the getting a prenuptial agreement for couple that either live together or ones that are about to walk into marriage. I personally don't find it offensive for anyone to want to preserve what they came into the relationship holding. I can see how this can be interpreted as selfish or even "putting the cart before the horse." Here's the small conversation I had with HIM about it.

KIKI: Would you still marry your your soon to be wife if she asked you to sign a prenup
HIM: Yea I would probably as her for on too
KIKI: But only if she asked fo r one first?
HIM: Yea I would still marry her
KIKI: I'm say would you still ask her for one if she never asked you for one
HIM: Yea I always said I would no matter who I marry

See this is the real deal women most people have things they don't care to lose or give to their partner just in case. What do you think???

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