Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Message From DC

I received this message as plea to open up and I obliged. I opened up the closed down the shop after I just wasn't there anymore. DC and I were together about three month (like all the others). I liked him but the tiny things got to me or it could be the comparison that I can't fight. I suppose it will not ever go away I'll be single for along.

Baby only if you knew my heart and how I felt about you. I really like you the only way I would see leaving you is if you broke my heart. You need to stop making yourself seem as bad as you think you are based off the who you been with. I miss you baby and I'm here for you. Like I told you I can't know how you feel without telling me. And I'll catch you from there. I made that promise baby so just trust that and I'll trust you as far as you want me too. Good Night baby text me when you wake up so we can talk more about this

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