Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Converstions with Him: Sex buddies or Really Buddies

These are questions I ask him. Him is not nor will never be a single guy. Him will vary in are variable way like occupations, race, and religions. I hang with many men and I figure I'd start to keep track of what they say especially since I am more like them than I will ever know.

KIKI: Question from my best friend: Her and this dude have know each other for about a month and they have been have sex. He says he's not all about sex but every time she's over there he wants to fuck (they do). She likes him as a person and they talk about things while she is there not just surface ish real ish (ie. marriage, kids, and guys vs. girls. Her question is if she is just a jumpoff or sex buddy even if he says she's not. She's even asked him if he wanted her to be just a jumpoff but he was like no he really likes her.

My question: What the hell is going on with this dude? Who the hell turns down a sex buddy? Just when I think men are simple one of these boys pop-up on some I wanna be different ish *ugh*

HIM: lmao.....that nigga got problems.....i would have said yes to the jumpoff.....he might have been scared that if he said yes she would have been like well nah we cant be friends no more.....i dont want a jumpoff i just want a friend....sex a plus......lmao

KIKI: Oh okay
Do you think he likes her?
Do you think he cares more for real or is it just sex?

HIM:he likes her else he wouldnt care if he has sex with her or not.......he might have a genuine interest......but only she can really tell......

What do you think about what's going on???

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