Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Good Advice ... Think twice

My Life has been turned up side down
So I figure it's time for a change

Battlefield of the Mind, Winning the Battle in Your Mind

This book has changed and is changing my life
.... Along with God duh

I been going through alot but here's what my goals are:
1. Get a real Job (3-6months)
2. Get my own car
3. Get my own place to stay

I'm only writing this to hold me to my word


Boys are fun as usual
I need a new rotation though *ugh*

Friends have been ok
Three of them have been especially supportive
What can I say I have great friends
...At least three

Is it strange for a friend to ask you to be their bridesmaid when they never told you about their engagement or the man they are marrying?
Don't matter because I do
If I say no it's like setting me up for the okie doke
*No one put baby in a corner* LOL

I know everyone is looking to me for some much needed fun when I get home
You'll be sadly disappointed
*Wonk wonk*
I gotta stay focused
Let's get it *Jezzy Voice*

My bestie D she's my inspiration
Hustle for me Hustle

#9 ~ Christina Aguilera by ● alezparĸ.

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