Friday, June 5, 2009

The Mistress

Well this is a poem I wrote about 4 years ago while I was still in high school. At this time I was dating a married man who made me feel like the only chick that mattered to him. During this time he was taking care of me in every way (mentally, physically, emotionally) making sure I was okay before he left to be with his wife. But any way this poem express how I felt when I was with any man who already had a lady whether that be wife, girl friend, or lover. I was the . . .

She walks with seduction on mind

Take a look and see that you'll find

A pack of men in her hand

Ready to fulfill all her demands

Bending over backwards for her attention

And I forgot to mention

The lust she uses is addictive

Once hooked you can't use Prescriptive

To hide and cover up the blemish

Lust for her will never diminish

Even though she is through

Her wounds won't stop hurting you

Making you need her in more ways than one

Then realizing life ain't much fun

Without her the extra piece of peace on the side

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